Privacy Policy


The Coniston 14(C14) is an annual road race around Coniston Water run by local volunteers with a License from UK Athletics.

The policy governs the obligations regarding personal data collected under General Data Protection Regulations(GDPR)

Data Protection Principles

Data Collection

Personal date is collected from the participants to the race via their registration for the race solelyfor the purpose of administering and controlling the race safely.

This represents the participants consent and satisfies article 6 of GDPR.

Data Processing

Controller, to collect fees, administer the data,and to time the participants individually.
The privacy policy of TDL can be viewed on their web site.

No other Third Party has access to the data collected.

C14 uses the data held by TDL


C14 does not collect or hold digital data of a medical or similar personal data but asks  participants to have a hard copy of any relevant information on them for their own safety during the race.